A range of therapeutic and beauty treatments from our dedicated treatment room next the Pool & Spa.

Early booking is advised however some late appointments may be available. Please contact us in advance to check availability.

Pamper yourself

Deep Tissue Sports And Fitness Massage

A deep tissue sport massage which is ideal before or after exercise. It specifically treats muscle tension, cramped muscles, past sports injuries and prepares muscles for future exercise due to the increase in blood circulation. A must for an energetic lifestyle.

45 mins - £45 (Full body massage)

Swedish Massage

A deep tissue Swedish massage which works on muscle tension, improves blood circulation and aids lymphatic cleansing. It leaves the body completely relaxed and revitalised, the mind calm and focused.

1 hour - £45 (Full body massage) 30 mins - £30 (Back, neck and shoulder)

Aromatherapy Massage

A holistic and flowing treatment using high quality essential oils, which are specifically tailored for each individuals well being. The muscles and joints are warmed into relaxation, the mind soothed.

1 hour 30 mins - £60 (Full body massage - includes facial massage) 45 mins - £40 (Aroma back massage)

Pregnancy Massage

A luxurious massage using safe, nourishing oils and relaxing massage techniques carefully tailored for the mum-to-be. Skin will be toned, nourished and glowing, muscles relaxed, joints eased and mind tranquil (not available for first trimester).

1 hour 30 mins - £60 (Full body - including facial massage)

Hot Stones Therapy

This massage uses therapeutic heat which is slowly released into the muscles using smooth volcanic stones. It allows complete and utter relaxation of the body and calmness of the mind. An essential treatment for complete tranquillity.

1 hour 30 mins - £60 (Full body massage)
45 mins - £40 (Back Massage)


A specialised foot treatment that stimulates energy points on the foot which corresponds with areas in the body. It improves circulation, harmonise the body and relaxes the mind.

45 mins - £40

Facial Treatments

Revitalising Facial This relaxing facial treatment nurtures your skin and reduces stress and tension. It is essential for radiant and healthy skin incorporating a deep cleanse, steam treatment, exfoliation, a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage then completing with a specific treatment mask. A must for revitalising all skin types.

1 hour - £45


Restore hands and nails with this refreshing treatment. Nail and cuticle care included.

30 - 45 mins - £35
With Shellac 1 hour £40

Indian Head Massage

A relaxing, invigorating holistic massage treatment. Massaging the face, neck & scalp and applying pressure to points in the upper back, arms & shoulders to ease stress and tension. Heals and soothes the mind and body. 45 mins - £40


After a relaxing foot spa, toenails are shaped, dry skin removed and exfoliated then a pampering foot massage.

1 hour £35
With Shellac 1 hour 30 mins - £45